Harry Potter: 8th story

I could have done reading it within 2 nights, but I didn’t. The thought of ending this book is ending the adventures again, and that would be so sad. Though I would like to give spoilers for some fans who haven’t read the book / watch the play yet, but as JK Rowling forbids, let’s just #KeepTheSecret.… Continue reading Harry Potter: 8th story


Buti pa ang Roma may bagong Papa (Review #1)

POV: Someone in a relationship. Kakatapos ko lang basahin ang Fifty Shades Darker, inabot ako ng 3 months dahil wala akong oras magbasa, busy at lagi akong pagod sa trabaho byahe. Kaya pumili ako ng manipis na libro, yung kaya kong tapusin ng isang linggo. Tatlo ang nakapila saking short books, Win No Matter What… Continue reading Buti pa ang Roma may bagong Papa (Review #1)

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Day 3: Your Favorite Childhood Book

Day 3 of 30.   When I read this topic, the first book that came to my mind is “The Little Prince”. Though I didn’t read this during my childhood days, I already love the Harry Potter series before I even learned about the existence of this book; and it is not really a children’s book,… Continue reading Day 3: Your Favorite Childhood Book