Attachments: A review on Supporting Characters

Most, or all, reviews about Attachments are focused on Lincoln and Beth as they are the lead characters of the story of course. However, I would like to give this page to the supporting characters, as I believe that supporters are equally as important as the leads.  For Beth’s team, let’s talk about Jennifer and… Continue reading Attachments: A review on Supporting Characters

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Team Slytherin

10 years ago, I was worried I’ll be sorted in a wrong house. This moment is one of the exciting and scariest part of being a freshmen. It will be the start of everything, this will determine my future. For sure, I will be in HufflePuff: hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty; or Ravenclaw perhaps?… Continue reading Team Slytherin


Harry Potter: 8th story

I could have done reading it within 2 nights, but I didn’t. The thought of ending this book is ending the adventures again, and that would be so sad. Though I would like to give spoilers for some fans who haven’t read the book / watch the play yet, but as JK Rowling forbids, let’s just #KeepTheSecret.… Continue reading Harry Potter: 8th story