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Nautical Staycation.

For an all-girls bonding, staycation is always a good idea. However, my office girlfriends are not the type of girls who enjoys the night with party and alcohol – talking about good girls huh. Last year’s staycation was a white themed night and this year’s staycation is not that different, with the activities and stuff, but only… Continue reading Nautical Staycation.

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Day 21: 10 People Who Have Influenced You

Day 21 of 30. Troy – the brother. He taught me to always be positive and look at the bright side of life. Daddy Gerry – the father. I learned from him to always keep in mind your priorities before your wants and to always save for the future. Mommy Gynn – the mother. I’m doing my… Continue reading Day 21: 10 People Who Have Influenced You

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Day 19: Letter For Your Future Self

Day 19 of 30. Dear Future Gem, I was hoping that everything’s fine. I wouldn’t ask if there’s anything wrong because I trust you. I know that whatever decisions you had, good or bad, you can face the consequences.  I trust you enough to know that you are successful in whatever path you chose. I’m… Continue reading Day 19: Letter For Your Future Self