Secondhand Shopping [Japan edition]

I’ve been an avid buyer of second hand (ukay-ukay) items since my College years. Recycle shops here in the Philippines require lots of patience, from that not so good smell, dust, and init; three words, struggle is real. So having a good purchase is such an overwhelming feeling. Japan is known to have a looot… Continue reading Secondhand Shopping [Japan edition]

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Team Slytherin

10 years ago, I was worried I’ll be sorted in a wrong house. This moment is one of the exciting and scariest part of being a freshmen. It will be the start of everything, this will determine my future. For sure, I will be in HufflePuff: hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty; or Ravenclaw perhaps?… Continue reading Team Slytherin


Uniqlo: Disney Project

“Tale as old as time.” Disney always has a special a part in my, our, heart. I don’t mind watching Disney classics every now and then. To relieve the memories, the kid in your heart, the magic. Disney taught us the opposite of reality, rags to riches, evil step mother, prince charming and a happily… Continue reading Uniqlo: Disney Project