The Daydreamer

I’ve been daydreaming since the day I realized that there are a lot of people with better life than me; but then, at the end of every day, I always understand that maybe I am also THAT person on others – with this I am truly grateful.

A reader. A coffee lover. A foodie.

I write, but not yet a writer.

I overthink, on little things and everything. I’m a positive and a negative thinker and I don’t know how you will understand that.

An early 199x baby. Part of me is made by social media. It’s making me fake and I hate myself at times; that’s why I have this blog. Everything in here is real, every words, every thoughts, every feelings.

I’m having a change of mind every now and then as I believe that the only thing constant is change. So I might change this things about me tomorrow, or the other day, or till the day I will feel that I’m a changed person.

So till then……….


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