Attachments: A review on Supporting Characters

Most, or all, reviews about Attachments are focused on Lincoln and Beth as they are the lead characters of the story of course. However, I would like to give this page to the supporting characters, as I believe that supporters are equally as important as the leads. 

For Beth’s team, let’s talk about Jennifer and Chris.

Jennifer: The ever reliable best friend

I liked all the e-mail exchanges between her and Beth and how they make long conversation over little things. My favorite Jennifer moment will definitely the night when he met Lincoln. That night when she was so vulnerable and let all her feelings out. That night when she finally admitted to herself that she is hurting. That heavy moment where I really felt every emotions thru every words.

Chris: The boyfriend

I can imagine how hot he is.

What I really like about him is how loyal he is to Beth. For a band member like him, it’s really hard to stay loyal to your girl, but he was. However, it is really not nice of him not wanting to marry Beth. I really doesn’t get the point that he loves Beth so much but he will never marry her – but he can marry others. Nevertheless, the moment when he told Beth that fact is my favorite part of the book. Like with Beth’s shining moment, every words were full of emotions.  Chris’ confession is in perfect timing and place. It’s like the perfect time to ruin a special moment. I can’t imagine putting that scene on other part of the story.

On the other hand, Lincoln’s team will be the Mother and Sam.

Mother: The loving and caring mom

Lincoln’s mother never get tired of taking care of him. And one thing that really made me adore her are the foods she is preparing for Lincoln, and later on to Doris. It’s making me envious of Doris, really!

Sam: The ex-girlfriend

She is maybe a bitch by cheating on Lincoln after all what Lincoln did for her, but let’s all understand that most High school sweethearts don’t end up together. If it weren’t for Sam, her breaking up with Lincoln; our leads will never met, right?

To sum it up, our supporting characters all helped our leads to become who they are and it’s time to give them the fame and spotlight they deserve.


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