That Great Love.

It’s awesome and awful how a movie can affect you.

I’ve been keeping this in my draft for months and now that I’ve watched the movie again, I came back to this post.

She’s Dating The Gangster. I’ve seen it a lot of times but it is only now that it finally got me.

Great love. This is what the story tells us. Great love which is different from true love. You can feel true love for every partner that you had or you will have. But there can only be one great love who will leave a mark. You may or may not end up being together. But that mark will stay on your heart forever.

I’ve seen great love in movies, some of my favorites are Jiho and Jandi (Boys Over Flowers), Dawson and Amanda (Best Of Me), Manuel and Cora (Blue Moon), Claire and Lorenzo (Letters to Juliet), and this latest one, Kenji and Athena (She’s Dating a Gangster).

Great love stories in movies always involve wrong things. Two good people in a wrong timing; or wrong people in a good timing.

But, does it always need to have wrong thing for the love story to be considered great love? If you are happy and contented with your partner but you don’t have complicated story, can that be considered great love as well? Is great love true? Or movies are just giving us expectations?

Whatever it is, we should always make sure to be good in every relationship. Remember that we are the writers of our own stories, and who knows, your story will be the next great love story of the century. ā¤


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