Cibo & Bella

​I’ve been reading posts about this new cafe, Cibo & Bella. Being a cafe lover that I am, I’ve been planning to visit the place some time and last Sunday was the perfect timing because I’m with the ‘rents; therefore, I’m not incharge with the bill. Lols.

One thing that makes the cafe different from other cafes here in our place, is that it is an old house that turns into cafe. As you can see in the photo below, it is a typical small Filipino house outside. The main structure of the cafe, the floorings, windows, comfort room, was maintained which makes their customers feel at home.

Cr: CIBO & BELLA facebook page

I am so inlove with the rustic theme of the place. The countryside feel, from the table setting, the mason jars that turn into vase, to the lights. We were the first customers for the day so I had the chance to took photos of the place without extra customers.

On the other hand, their menu is good. Not too many nor too few choices. The price is a lil bit pricey, but still affordable. I had Puttanesca, the sauce is kinda thick compare to other Puttanesca I’ve tasted but overall, it was good.

One thing I can’t find is their list of coffee / frappe. Though I saw a Starbucks frappe in the counter, still I looked for other frappe and I can’t find any. I don’t know if they doesn’t have any or there’s a separate menu. I didn’t even bother to ask the staff cause I’ll not order anyway, I’m just looking for it cause it’s a cafe and what’s a cafe without coffee.

Overall, it is a good cafe and I would’t mind coming back again and again. ❤

Check their facebook page here!


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