I will win.


I got this book from Goodreads. It’s the second book that I won from the site’s giveaways. After receiving this book, I immediately tweeted the author, to say thanks. He said that I maybe have the luck since it’s already my 2nd time winning. But after reading this book, I choose to think that I got this not because of luck, but of fate. Fate make me join the giveaway, fate make me won, because fate knows I might need this book.

So, the book, Win No Matter What by Nihar Suthar basically revolves around the terrible trio that will help you to hype up your life. The first trio says something about moods. On how you can change your mood everyday. I remember some people while reading this part, people who are always complaining over little things. They find it very easy to be mad at someone or at certain situation. Isn’t it hard to be like that, to be burden by something so little that it affects your vibes?

The second trio is attitude; and being optimistic is one of the keypoints.

“…positive thinking creates happiness”

The last part of the trio is your perception of others. Like, see the positive things in other people, and don’t dwell on the negative things that people says towards you. On this part, I found one of the greatest quotes that this book have:

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

At the end of this book, I came to realize that I already know most of the things discussed, it is just that I don’t focus much on those things. So, this book reminds me of what I’m missing most in my life. Again, thank you to the author who gave me this book, thank you for your simple note that somehow makes me smile everytime I sees it.


Rest assured, I will keep being a positive inspiration in the world. ❤️


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