The not-so-perfect blouse

We all have that cloth/clothes that doesn’t fit perfectly, whether it’s too big, small, long, or short. The top I’m wearing belongs to that group.  It’s a pink Esprit blouse which my Ninang gave me way back College years. That time, it was too big and long; big enough cause my bra can be seen thru the armhole. Since it’s not a casual top where you can wear it with even showing off your bra, I can’t use it without having cardigan for cover. I just actually wore it, I think twice; on a job interview, and on mass. After that, I just let it hang in my closet and just wait for the right time to wear it again.

After being employed in an office work, where you are always sitting, I gained weight. So on that one Sunday, while preparing for the mass. I came across this top and decided to wore it cause maybe it will now fit me perfectly.

To my not so surprise, it is now small, lols. The armhole is now ok, but the blouse itself is somehow tight that my inside is peeping thru the buttons in the front, haha. So anyway, before I decided to give it away, I gave it a shot and just wore it, with the help of clothes pin.

I wore it with a floral shorts, yes that’s a shorts! It has loose style making it looks like a skirt. I dunno if you call this a palda shorts, but anyway. So since it looks like a skirt, it doesn’t look bad to wear in a mass, right? And to finish my look, I used white sneakers to make me look young and cool, lols. ❤️


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