Harry Potter: 8th story


I could have done reading it within 2 nights, but I didn’t. The thought of ending this book is ending the adventures again, and that would be so sad.

Though I would like to give spoilers for some fans who haven’t read the book / watch the play yet, but as JK Rowling forbids, let’s just #KeepTheSecret. But I cannot contain my happiness that my love, Draco, opened up his heart and joined the group. It was just so awkward imagining him smiling with Potter, but it made us (Draco fans) so happy. So with that, thank you Rowling, Thorne, and Tiffany for not making him the bad guy anymore.

So the whole time I was reading, I was like:


But then, when it was about to end..


So I was like…


I was still hoping that the story will not end, that 9th Harry Potter story will still happen, but if it will not, it’s also ok. Cause ending the story in a good way is a good thing. And I know, Potter and the group need to retire as well.

So for releasing the script to those who can’t afford to watch the play in UK, thank you.

For letting the magic lives on, thank you. ❤


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