Fathers and Zombies.

This post contains spoilers.


There are just few Korean movies that were shown here in PH cinema, so this being shown now, then it must be something. And yes, it’s really a hit. Me and my mom watched it on it’s second week but gahd, the cinema was so full that I think some late comers were just sitting on the stairs.

So this must be the part where I should tell about the synopsis, right? But I’d rather not to cause Google can give you that. Moving on.

I am a fan of “The Walking Dead”, so this zombie thingy is normal to me. I can even eat while watching this kind of things. So looking on the other side of the movie, I saw that it depicts the love of a father.

1. The Working Father

Woo Seok, the lead role in the movie is the regular busy man, working his a** off for the sake of his family. Despite of being busy, he still managed to buy a birthday gift for Su-an, his daughter. Though what he forgot is that he already gave that same, exact, thing before, so I’m not really sure if this can be included in the list. Lols. But srsly, he make it up to his daughter by granting her real wish, to go visit her Mom.

There was also a part where Sang Hwa, the husband of the pregnant lady, told Woo Seok that someday, Su-an will realized the importance of all his father’s hardworks.

2. The Risk-taker Father

So this is the part when the zombies are everywhere. The two fathers in the movie were separated from their family by just three cabins in a train, nevertheless, they managed to face and fight the zombies on their way just to rescue their family.

3. The Father who makes sacrifices

When time came that the fathers were also infected. They still did their best to get rid of the zombies as long as they can, as long the infections are not yet ruining their system, just to make sure that their family will be safe eventhough they will be gone.

Train to Busan, is not thriller, but drama. It broke my heart that not everyone survived, though it’s expected. However, it was all worth their sacrifices cause their family, which is their priority, survived. And that’s the whole point of the movie, to be strong and selfless. ❤


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