Lady President

On this Satuday, I went three C’s. Casual. Comfy. Chic.

I was too excited to write a blog about this shirt for one thing: to boast. No, not to boast cause it’s pricey and all; but it’s the opposite.

So I bought this shirt at Baclaran. I liked it cause it’s simple, comfy and have very light color which is fresh for the eye. I’ve bought three shirts on this certain shop cause you’ll get a discount / wholesale price if you’ll buy a minimum of 3 items. The shirts all have Cotton On tag, maybe overruns. Anyway, I got the shirts for only 120 to 150 php each, I’m not sure of the exact amount but it’s something like that.

Moving on, when I passed thru the Cotton On shop at Megamall I saw this exact shirt. Same design. Same clothing. Same everything. You will not see the difference at all! The original shirt costs 600php. So I was too proud of having a Cotton On shirt in a lesser amount, haha!

On the other hand, I got the shorts from Forever21, on sale. I super love it cause of the cute lace and it fits me perfectly!

And to complete my look, I had casual pink Casio watch from Lazada, random white arm candies from random online shops; and sneakers which I bought from Payless. ❤️


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