Uniqlo: Disney Project

“Tale as old as time.”

Disney always has a special a part in my, our, heart. I don’t mind watching Disney classics every now and then. To relieve the memories, the kid in your heart, the magic. Disney taught us the opposite of reality, rags to riches, evil step mother, prince charming and a happily ever after and for once in our lives, happily ever after somehow exists.

“I can show you the world.”

It’s a nostalgic feeling whenever you hear Disney classics songs. It’s a happy feeling wearing Disney inspired clothes.

Wait, what? Disney inspired clothes?

Yes, Uniqlo clearly heard that right, that’s why they collaborated with Disney!
Uniqlo is one of the brand I love. They are very comfy and cool. That’s why when I learned about their Disney project, I was too happy!

I bought three tops, one with Alice (in Wonderland) all over, another one is with a cat I do not know, all over as well; and one is a 3/4 sleeve top with Minnie Mouse. It’s a very nice way to bring back the child in you by wearing cute tops with cute Disney characters like these.


So as this tag says, MAGIC FOR ALL ❀



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