Day 30: Why do I blog

Day 30 of 30.


It took me a week to write this post. To think that this is one of the easiest topic this challenge has; maybe I’m just occupied with other things. By other things I meant, reading Fifty Shades Darker, catching up with Suits (still in Season 3, loser me), and werk werk werk.

So going back, why? Why do I blog?

1st reason. I want to write. I want to be a writer. Creative writing, news writing, promo writing, whatever that has something to do with writing, I want. I am not, yet, an excellent writer but sometimes I think I can. My interest in writing started when I was in elementary. I was a part of the school paper, as a feature writer. And in Highschool, I became a news writer. I was able to win in the Division School’s Press Conference in the category of news writing. With that, together with my bestfriend and two other school mates, we competed in the Regional. It was one of the competition I will never forget, because at one point in my life, I felt like a media personnel attending a 5-day seminar. In College, I tried writing a short story, Kpop love story inspired. It was lame and I only showed it to two of my bestfriends. They kinda liked it, but again, it was lame. Haha! So moving on…

2nd reason. I want to share my thoughts. Thought about a movie, book, a life event, or whatever I can think of under the sun. I want to know if other people have thoughts that same with mine.

3rd reason. I have cool clothes. So this is funny and very humble of me. Haha. No, I’m not really fashionista, but there are times that I think I have cool clothes that can go way beyond an OOTD Instagram post, so I blog.

4th reason. I don’t want to talk to anyone. We will always have that time where you just hate everyone but you have something in your mind, may it be a problem or what, that you just can’t keep inside. No, Facebook is not a good idea. Facebook is just so populated and crazy. Instead of writing in my journal, which nowadays are very tiring, I blog. And I disconnect my sharing button to all of my social media sites, so nobody can read it. Unless they check my blog regularly which I don’t think anyone does.

So yea, after two months, finally. ❤️


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