Washed Denim.

While on our way to the mall, I’ve been thinking a lot of poses to do for this OOTD shot. As I feel so girly, I’m too excited to have good photos. Btw, we have a 2-hour ride since we’re from afar so imagine how long I prepared for this OOTD shot.

Upon arrival, I know I can use the car parking for my photos and since we’re early, there were not too much cars in it yet. I asked Mom to take photos of me and then everything I prepared for….. failed. Hahaha! I only had three photos for three reasons:

(1) There was this guard who’s watching us, and I got conscious and shy because maybe he’s making fun of me.

(2) The 9:00 am mass was about to start.

(3) It’s my mom who’s taking photos, and she doesn’t get it why I need to have a hundred photos to choose from. Hahaha!

So out of three, I only like one. Not too well but just okay.

On the other hand, I got this denim dress from a bazaar in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa at about 600php. It is washed blue, just in case you can’t notice. It has a Zara tag, but I’m not sure if this is an overruns or a fake one, whatever it is, I don’t care much. I matched it with red sneakers, which I have for I think 5 years already, to make it less girly; and a messenger bag from Blue Magic with a vintage USA flag design. ❤️


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