Day 29: Your Creative Projects

Day 29 of 30.

I always say that I’m not creative but sometimes I think I do. :p

I started doing stuff when I was a bum. DIY, restoration of old clothes. With the help of YouTube and some blogs, I was able to restore boring pants into cool shorts.


When I started working I had less time for DIY stuff, but when time came that I need to have gift for my boyfriend for every special occasions, I went back to finding DIY stuff cause I’m not the type of girl who just buy things for her guy. I want to exert time and effort to make my gift special. Pinterest has done a very good job for this btw, it is a big resource of everything you need.






And oh, the parents’ anniversary.G

I am into layouting as well, though I’m not that pro when it comes to Photoshop. Since I am one of the very few in our office that’s into layouting, I am usually the one who’s taking care of photo to give for resigned employees, party invitations for their kids and department shirt.


Disclaimer: I don’t own most of the things I used in the summer shirts, I just combined what I can find in Google. It’s not for commercial purposes.

And as they say, it’s the thought that counts so it’s how the gift look on the outside counts.


And lastly, I was also one of the many who got hooked on adult coloring.



So now, can I say that, maybe, I’m also creative? ❤


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