Day 28: Questions You Have About Life

Day 28 of 30.

I’ve been keeping this on my drafts for days. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m waiting for other questions to pop in my mind. But I can’t add anything anymore, though I think I still have many questions. So I’m just leaving you with two:

  • “Why it is so hard to be contented?”

People always want more, or need more. Once we reached our goal, we always aim more. Sometimes, it is good, it’s the motivation that keeps our drive; but sometimes, it just makes us greedy.

  • The thing about reincarnation

This has been one of the intriguing topic in the religious aspect. I remember me and my friends, during highschool, research about this in the library just because we’re curious.

 Whatever questions I still have, I guess it’s for me to find out. ❤️


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