Casual Red.

This post will prove two things: (1) I love matching colors, and (2) I love shopping online.

I just bought this cute simple red dress from Jukaykay (@jukaykayatbp). Me and my mates always check what’s new from her shop cause all of her items are cute and affordable. However, most of her collection are cropped top, if not, toooo small for us. I don’t know if it is just me but I believe that petite sizes are the abnormal ones here, lol! Kidding. So whenever I can find something that’s for my size, I ask my mate to buy one for me. She’s buying from the Tanauan branch because it’s better than Calamba branch, as per my mate. Finally, San Pablo branch opened last month, and there I bought the red dress.

So anyway, to match my accessories, I used this cute red Aztec watch I bought from Trendywanderlust (@trendywanderlust). Their watches are just three for 520php, so that makes it 173php per watch, so cheap, and they have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

I bought the designs below, all of them are cute in personal but the quality of the leather watches are not that good, I mean, the strap are so thin that it might break easily. But the rubber one is so good, no problem at all.


On the other hand, I just used two thin bracelet, black and red, just to have something in my right arm cause whenever I don’t have any bracelet, I feel naked haha. The bracelets are from @poshberryshop (but I cannot find this Instagram account anymore), I have all colors of that thin bracelet just because.  For the earrings, I had fake plastic pearls, black.

And for the shoes and bag, I used black laced flats from Figlia and black backpack from Sophie Paris. ❤




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