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Facebook Movie Piracy

The title clearly states what I’m going to say in this post. I guess you all noticed that movies began to spread in Facebook. Before, it was only in YouTube, Movie websites and Torrents. I’m not being a hypocrite here but I will admit that I like torrent downloading, specially in TV Series that I cannot watch in TV. I was even given a warning in my work during my early months because they found out that I’m downloading torrents, Walking Dead btw.

Anyway, I’m only downloading old movies because I know that torrents for new movies are still CamRip. But lately, new movies, movies that are still being shown in the cinema, are already in Facebook – not CamRip but HD. I was able to watch Me Before You in Facebook. 

So anyway, my mom and I are planning to watch The Achy Breaky Hearts in the cinema, on weekends. And then suddenly, a friend shared the link of the movie, in Facebook. I was somehow surprised because in less than a week from it’s showing date, a clear copy of the movie is already roaming around the web. I’m sure that those who are planning to watch it in the cinema will just watch it online. Why wouldn’t you watch it if: (1) you can watch eat anywhere, (2) you can eat rice meals, and (3) it’s freeeeeeee! However, we still chose to watch in the cinema, just because.

It’s very clear that movie piracy has now level up.Gross earnings of a movie may be affected by this and maybe, time will come that even some movie producers will not be interested in producing movie anymore  . Scary, isn’t it?

Now, I will end this post with this: Imagine a world without movies.


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