Day 25: Things You Don’t Understand

Day 25 of 30.

There are a lot of things I don’t understand in this world, in this life. Some things you don’t need to understand anymore, while other things, you do understand but hard to accept.

I would want to limit this post to only two things:

  1. Why do some happily married folks cheat?

  2. Why do some people don’t get fat?

For the former, they say everybody has reasons. For couples who have failed marriages, yes I do understand; but for couple who have petty problems that can be solved in a day or two, I would like to ask, why? You say you love your kids and all, but when they are not around, you’re fooling around. I don’t want to judge but sometimes, I do.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. (Mark 10:9)” 

While for the latter, I just don’t understand why some people are born with good metabolism, that even if they eat a lot, they will not get fat easily. It’s so freaking unfaaiiiiiiiiir! I don’t wanna explain further, cause it’s making me craaaazy and saaaaad.



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