Day 24: Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Day 24 of 30.
I used to drink every now and then back in College days. It’s like something that’s hard to avoid for some reasons: (1) my parents actually allows me to drink occassionally and (2) place that sells alcohol outside our school are everywhere, but ofcourse, they are not too exposed. (3) I don’t have full load, specially during the last two years, so I have lots of null time.I’m drinking but I’m not getting drunk, not atleast once or two. I don’t wanna be that girl who acts so silly and faking her drunkness, they’re just so funny and irritating.

Now that I’m working, I got less time going out. I just want to sleep whenever I have free time. And Alvin, the boyfriend, doesn’t drink alcohol that much, it’s very very seldom. So I drink seldom as well. I have nothing against people who drinks every night/week, it’s their choice. If my boyfriend is not like that, I maybe doing the same. But I wanna share with you guys something I’ve read from Ito Kish (he’s a famous furniture designer in the Phils, and my father’s cousin as well, #feelingproud haha), it’s his post about the things he was grateful for the past years. He mentioned that he’s thankful that he was not into alcohol, because of that, he still have good skin even in his 50s. I wished I’ve read this before I started drinking.

On the other hand, I don’t do drugs. Drugs is the beginning of all evil crimes. Recently, in an event in MOA, the closeup summer party, some party goers died, and it was found out that they were all under drugs. It’s very sad to have news like this. Drugs kill people. Drugs is evil. I am just hoping that party goers out there learned a lesson, to party without drugs. 



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