Reasons to hate “Devil Wears Prada” (or not hate)

So this year marks the 10th year of the movie “Devil Wears Prada” and believe it or not, it was just now that I saw the movie. Hence, I adored the movie to the point that I completed this review while I’m on my way to work, standing in a bus.

Here, I came up with the list of the reasons to hate the movie (or not hate), as what the title said. And the reasons are:

  • You are what you wearA

Society tends to judge you by what you’re wearing. If you wear glasses, you’re a nerd. If you’re wearing a see through shirt like Kendall Jenner, you’re a slut. If you’re not fashionable, you’re a nobody in the fashion magazine. My take on this is that why can’t a simple girl work in a fashion magazine? She will not be a model anyway. Why wear heels if you will run around the street doing your job?

  • Life is not really fairC

The reality is that the rich and the famous can have a copy of an unpublished book just before the whole world can read it.

  • Love or Career?

Love or career, you can’t have both. I’ve known many woman who is successful in their chosen career yet they are single. While many in-love woman have a so-so good career. I think only 2 out of 10 women have both, they’re indeed one hell lucky b*tch.

  • Life is made of choicesJ

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. For every decision you do, there’s a positive and negative thing. So be careful, you might think it’s just a simple decision making, but little did you know it has a great impact to other people.

  • Every girls’ dream job is a hellKBD

Admit it, to be in a fashion magazine is every girls’ dream, or not really every. To be in big fashion shows, rubbing elbows with famous designers, an insider in the biggest event in the world, knowing each and every guest, free travel around the globe, walk in the red carpet while every media takes photo of you, wearing expensive clothes for an event, lots of freebies from the things your boss received but don’t want to take. What else?

So in the movie, you saw that Andy’s job began to take not only her full time, but also her life. You can’t have your own schedule, you can’t eat on time. You can’t be in your guy’s birthday. You can’t enjoy dinner with your family. A call from your boss can make you panic. So again, what else?


  • The need to fit inG

At first, you hate the people around you. People who don’t eat to be slim, people who adore fashion than any other else in the world; and then the next thing, you’re becoming like them. You are the people you hate and make fun of.

  • Fake people anywhereE

Many famous people are fake, kissing each other cheeks in front of camera, but when the light is off, the friendship goes off also.


So now, I would like to clarify, it’s not the movie that you need to hate, it’s the reality. The movie is so good that it made me see what’s the real deal in this world. ❤

**credits to Moviessub.Net  for the copy of the movie


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