Day 22: 10 People You Would Invite for Dinner

Day 22 of 30.
I was trying to edit photos and put all of my guests’ faces in one dining table but I got too lazy and can’t continue anymore. Anyway, my 10 guests would be:

  1. Anne Curtis – to lighten up the night by her wit
  2. Vice Ganda – to spread the energy among the guests
  3. Bongbong Marcos – cause I still believed that it should have been BBM for VP
  4. Serena van der Woodsen – cause I love her
  5. Lindsay Lohan – cause I want to ask, “what happened?”
  6. James Franco – cause he’s one great actor
  7. Mitch Albom – to discuss about life and death
  8. Jeron Teng – so there’s a cute one
  9. Walt Disney – to salute him on the wonders brought to us by Disney
  10. Colonel Harland Sanders (owner of KFC)  – to give encouragement that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams



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