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Day 21: 10 People Who Have Influenced You

Day 21 of 30.

  1. Troythe brother. He taught me to always be positive and look at the bright side of life.
  2. Daddy Gerrythe father. I learned from him to always keep in mind your priorities before your wants and to always save for the future.
  3. Mommy Gynnthe mother. I’m doing my best to be as organized as her.
  4. Ninang Gemmathe aunt, the second mother. I always like the way she’s tough, and I want to be tough as well
  5. Alvinthe boyfriend. He’s drinking soda and I’m drinking beer. Therefore, I shall not have alcohol as well.
  6. Pope Francis – It was when he visited Manila that I was moved and realized that I should go to mass every week, and we’re doing it since then.
  7. Ms Aibee Banaagthe math teacher. I love Algebra, but my destiny with Math started in Elementary. She’s a good teacher, since I can still remember almost all the lessons we had. By keeping in mind the basic Math, it made my Civil Service Exams easier and now I’m helping Alvin to review for the exam as well.
  8. Ate Kthe eldest cousin. Back when we were kids, I always wanted what she wants; Britney spears, Parent Trap, Charmed. Now that we’re adults and she got married recently, I realized I also want to get married in God’s perfect time, like her, which I know is not there yet.
  9. Yuki Auxteroblogger friend. Back in Multiply days, her blog was so good that it inspired me to have a good blog as well. She’s really good in writing that I believe she can published her own book someday. Check her blog here.
  10. The Social Media– Not a person, I know. But this, by far, is the most influential thing for most. By how you share your thoughts, to how you take photos of you, food, and everything. Sometimes, it makes you post a thing that people want to see and not what you want to express.


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