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Day 16: A Letter to Someone. Anyone.

Day 16 of 30: Open Letter to the President.

Dear Mr Duterte,

I am one of the 15,582,454 votes. When I first heard that you will run, I already decided who to vote for, for one reason: I hate crime. I’m tired of hearing news about different crimes, every single day. Crime is everywhere. In the streets. In the mall. Even in your own home. It makes me feel scared at times. Scared of strangers, of people.

Then I almost changed my mind. I don’t agree with your other decisions. I don’t like the way you talk. Though sometimes you’re cool. So I got torn between you and MDS. But on the last minute, I chose you. My hate for crime is still bigger than the reasons why I don’t like you. I am hoping that you can eliminate them. I am praying that criminals will get scared and just forget that they are criminals. Davao, as they say, is one of the safest city, please do it in the Philippines as well. I/we are counting on you. Please don’t make me/us feel regret that I/we voted for you.


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