Day 15: 10 Places You’d Like To Visit

Day 15 of 30.

  1. Venice, Italy – Isn’t it sweet to ride in a Gondola with your boy and listen to romantic Italian song?
  2. Paris, France – Wait for midnight in Paris
  3. London, England – Cast a spell together with Malfoy
  4. South Korea – See the colors of Banpo Bridge in South Korea
  5. Santorini, Greece – cause of the fresh and calm view
  6. Bali, Indonesia – honeymoon destination ❤
  7. Vancouver, Canada – Make a snowman in Canada. My father’s been there, my grandaparents’ been there, my aunt and cousin is there. Me and mom should also go there, for a visit. 🙂
  8. New York, USA – Ride a yellow cab
  9. Disneyland (anywhere) – Be a kid in Disneyland
  10. Mt. Pulag, PH – cause I want to get awed with the Milky Way Galaxy and the ‘sea of clouds’. And because there must be a PH located place here in my list. ❤

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