Cutie Staycation

Staycation is one of the coolest and relaxing bonding that a family/friends can do. Me and my friends planned one since Regine will be flying to Canada soon. We didn’t want the usual sleepover where you’ll eat, sleep and gossip; we want something cute and fun. Here I will share to you what we did cause maybe you want to plan for one also.








Money: You should set a budget for it. On that agreed amount, you can now choose your venue.

Venue: We chose Bellevue Manila to be our staycation destination, Tower Executive Suite room. Aside from it’s one of the nearest and grandest hotel in our area, we also have a corporate rate here since our company’s guests sometimes stays there. The room is big enough for us, we were five btw.


Foods: If you’re not planning to eat at the hotel’s resto, you must know if there’s a nice place to eat nearby. In our case, we brought foods and just bought rice from the Jollibee just outside the hotel. We eat at our room, to save money, time and energy. Haha.


  • Photoshoot: Our theme was White and Flowers, for a bohemian feel. However, it didn’t turn out so Bohemian but pretty Goddesses. Lol!IMG_3466
  • Swimming: Cause we need to take advantage of what’s free13393994_10205391723667524_1863399556122786163_n
  • Games
    • Don’t Laugh Game– in a circle formation, we must look at each other and do our best not to laugh. Those who will laugh first will be out. You can make your strategy, like to stare at your opponent to make her laugh. Just make sure that you will not be the one who will laugh. Fyi, we did this in the pool, so imagine how crazy we look like, we even had three rounds, haha!
    • The Kissing Game – we had a photo of a guy, Kean Cipriano (one of my super crush teehee), posted in the door. We need to kiss the photo and the kiss that’s closest to the lips wins. The catch is, players are in blind fold and need to turn around three times to make them dizzy and lose the sense of direction. Anyway, they let me won because it’s Kean. hahaha!13342394_10205375602144496_1546834191_n
    • Find the Hanky – we divide ourselves into two teams and each team was given certain time to keep their assigned hanky on wherever they want to keep it. After keeping, both teams must find their opponent’s hanky. Whoever finds the other hanky first will win.
    • The Dance Chain – So this is our favorite game. Players must fall in one line. The first player will do her dance moves (in 4 counts), the next player will do the first player’s dance moves and then she will do her own dance moves. The next player will do the first’s, second’s and then her own dance moves; and so on. Whoever didn’t get the right moves or forgot the moves, will be out for the round. We record our dance chain game, to better understand it, here’s the link to our video.
    • Emotion Charade –We weren’t able to do the game properly cause we were all tired. But our mechanics is like this. It’s the usual charade with Emotions as the topic. However, you cannot use your hands or body when playing, you can only use your face. So it will just depend on your facial expressions.

Btw, we prepared small, cute prizes for the games.


  •  Running Man Video: This was just an extra activity. Since Running Man Challenge was popular weeks ago, we took the challenge for fun.
  • Photobooth: We prepared our own photobooth props photo-collage (1).png

… and with my layouting skills (naks!), I prepared a template and inserted our pictures. Doesn’t it look like a real photobooth? Cute, right? Lol.



So after being active with all of our activities, we got tired and got a good Sleeping Beauty feels.

It’s a night filled with beauty and laughter. Something to put on your #squadgoals ❤


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