Day 13: 5 Favorite Blogs

I’ve been reading some fashion blogs for years. I even have bookmarks of my favorite blogs in my office desktop. I love reading about their escapades and looking at their OOTDs, they can inspire you to dress the same, lol. So here are my top 5 favorite blogs.

5. A Blog by Vern & Verniece Enciso – The sisters are so cute specially when they are twinning

4. Style by Cher – I’ve been following Cher Lui Pio since Tumblr days. She’s even my hair inspiration before.

3. Break My Style by Laureen Uy – cause she’s so cute and not afraid of wearing not-so ordinary clothes

2. Camille Tries to Blog by Camille Co – cause she’s so classy

and my most favorite blog is…

1. Paradigma by Patricia Prieto – I love her style and the way she blog about her OOTDs, it’s so detailed and cool. I also love the way that she can pose anywhere, from rooftop to streets, just anywhere. I love her!  ❤



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