Globe knows my Father.

Yesterday morning, just before I started working, I browse Facebook and watched the newly uploaded video of Globe for the Father’s Day, #LetDadKnow. I want to cry but I’m holding my tears for two reasons: (1) Cause I’m in my office table and it’s so weird and funny if I cry; and (2) Le Boss cannot know that I’m Facebook-ing while on working hours. πŸ˜€

I shared the video on my wall, but I’m not contented with it. I want to write about it. I want to tell the whole world that “Hey, that’s my father!” I mean, not the actor on the video, but the character, gantong ganto si Daddy.

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Every night after work, Daddy picks me up on the bus stop. No matter how late it is, he comes. Sometimes, I need to go out with friends or a date, though he’s telling me that it’s already late, yet he’ll still allow me, and still, picks me up wherever I asked him to. Whenever I need him, he’s a one call away. Like if me and my friends need a ride going to somewhere, or needing a help on something, he’s there. He helps me, he helps my friends, he helps my friends’ family, especially if it has something to do with government documents (He’s a government employee btw). He always make sure that whenever I’m out, I’m doing fine, and I’m doing my part as well by informing him wherever I am and who’s with me. He’s texting me everyday, to remind me to take care and God bless. He also lets me know that he loves me by texting I Love You every now and then.

Globe’s father’s day video tells it all. I felt proud, lucky and happy having a father like that.

Happy father’s day Daddy Gerry! I love you!

** Here’s the link to the video, #LetDadKnow




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