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Day 12: First Concert You’ve Attended

Day 12 of 30.

“Dreams do come true.”

That’s what Anne Curtis’ first concert (2012) told everyone. She only dreamt of singing but God gave her Araneta.

She have many bashers. Since she’s a non-singer, someone who’s not good in singing but can sing somehow, what can we expect? Even some artist gave their negative opinion about her singing career, but anyway, she’s Anne Curtis, with or without voice, we love her. The very cool, quirky, hot, pretty, awesome, crazy, Anne.

I am with my two cousins in the concert, though we are in the upper box area, we still enjoyed it. She have lots of guest, from her sister, Jasmine, Sarah G, Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Vice Ganda (my other favorite), Rico Blanco, Sam Milby, Derek Ramsay, and Cristine Reyes. A lots of celebrity were present as well to show their support for Anne. The Showtime host, the IT girls who are Anne’s BFFs, Richard and Raymond Gutierrez, Kris Aquino and many more. We didn’t get near them but the feeling of being in the same room with them is so cool. Haha! Talking as someone who is big fan of showbiz. 

Moreover, my favorite part of the concert is the opening. It was maybe 30 mins before the concert when a big mic was brought to the stage. Who would have thought that Anne is just inside the mic, waiting for the start of the concert. When the mic was opened, she was just so surprised and amazed that Araneta was so full! Her expression was very natural, it was like she’s about to cry and gets very kilig. Yay!

That’s the mic!
The concert was a success, she even had her second concert. This proves that even non-singers, like me hahaha, can perform well. It takes an attitude and stage presence to kill a concert. And now she’s the concert sweetheart. How kewl is that? ❤️   


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