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The 5th Wave: A Sister’s Point of View

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So I’ve just watched The 5th Wave and I didn’t have any idea that I would do a review of the film. It just a usual end-of-the-world film, though the problems are much complicated since the last enemy, the 5th wave, are also humans. Bla bla bla. Anyway, I just don’t feel the need to explain the plot of the story cause Wikipedia can do that right? So, the reason why I am writing a review is because I’m speaking as a sister.

Cassie, the main character, had managed to survive and fight for the humanity all for her little brother. She had lost her brother when the army took all the kids to the military camp base. So Cassie did everything to get herself to the camp and look for Sam, the brother. She found Sam and they were together with other youngsters at the end of the film.

When Cassie haven’t found her brother, I can see myself on her. I also lost my brother, no, not in the war or something. He, Troy, passed away six years ago, Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He was a sweet kid. He loves me very much, and I love him very much as well. Like Sam, he was just a kid. He was 14. Life was just about to unfold on him, yet it all ended. The longing feeling of Cassie while Sam is gone is the longing feeling I have and will be having for the rest of my life. Cassie was able to find Sam. While, I will not be able to be with Troy anymore, well as per the life here on Earth. Cassie is so lucky to be able to hold Sam in her arms again and take care of him.

The scene where Cassie found Sam was so dramatic for me. I almost cried. I was happy that Cassie will not be like me, that she now have more time with her brother. And somehow, I envy her. If only I have the opportunity to find Troy and bring him back here, I will. But that’s being selfish. Troy doesn’t belong here anymore. Troy is now in a much safer and happy place. I miss him now, I miss him everyday. But knowing where he is now, I should be happy for him right?

Hi Troy, I love you, and I will never get tired writing post about you.

and now I’m crying. ❤



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