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Day 11: Favorite Disney character

Day 11 of 30.

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“Look at me you may think you see who I really am but you’ll never know me.”

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Though you can’t choose your family, still you can choose the path on where your responsibility in your family will lead you. Something that I learned from the movie, Mulan.

Just in case some of you haven’t watched it or already forgot, the story goes like this: China was invaded and due to the need of the country, one man from every family must be sent for training and battle. Mulan’s father is weak and since Mulan (though a girl), is the only child, she decided to disguise as  a man and represent her family.

Out of all the Disney princesses/character, Mulan is my favorite one. She is a tough, responsible and lovely woman. All for the love for her family, she managed to survived the training meant for guys. She has shown that we must sacrifice everything for the sake of our family even if it meant to risk our lives. However, she still has her soft side, she fell in love with a captain, something that is normal to a girl. She is also bubbly and cute at times.

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?” ❤


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