Day 10: 10 Favorite Foods

Day 10 of 30. 

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I’m not picky when it comes to food, well obviously. So if you want to achieve my sexaaay body, LMAO! Here’s what you can eat. 

10. Fried eggplant – just because

9. Corned beef – my favorite breakfast meal

8. Bistek – I’m always excited whenever I can sense that Mommy is cooking bistek. This also satisfy my love for onions.

7. Street foods – dirty yet tasty :p

6. Korean Instant Noodles – Good for easy to cook meals and for rainy days

5. Potato Corner’s Sour & Cream fries – when in movies, stressed or sad, I buy this

4. California maki – this always satisfy my cravings for Japanese food

3. Sashimi – that slimy thing, yummy!

2. Sinigang – soup+meat+veggies = complete meal. This has to be my favorite Filipino dish.

1. Pasta – I always crave for pasta. I love eating out at different cafes and trying their pasta. From red sauce, to oil based, to white sauce (but this is the least), I love them all. My most favorite are Puttanesca and my Mommy’s Tuna Pesto. 

Cheers to my 100th post! ❤


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