Day 9: What’s in your bag

Day 9 of 30.

I’m a little bit lazy last night to have a nice photo of what’s inside my bag. I can’t even think of a way on how to make this post seems interesting to others. But for the sake of the blog challenge, then here.


  1. Makeup bag
  2. Ipod– I travel 3 hours everyday so this is badly needed
  3. Simple phone & Iphone– (1) phone I used for calls and texts ; (2) not in the picture cause I’m using it to take photo, and for Internet
  4. Wallets– one for bills, one for coins, and one for our business collection (prepaid load)
  5. Pen– just in case
  6. Strepsils / Mint Candies– (1) cause I have dry throat every now and then; (2) whenever I eat small snacks before taking the ride home
  7. Stun Gun w/ flashlight– for self-defense, ya know.
  8. ID Holder– for ID and cards
  9. Company ID– obviously.
  10. Umbrella- for rainy and sunny days
  11. Cardigan– cause I easily gets cold
  12. Socks– Korean company doesn’t allow personal shoes inside the building, so we’re wearing socks together with home slippers
  13. Tissue– for when needed

So that’s it, nothing more, nothing less ❤


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