Day 8: What’s in your makeup bag

Day 8 of 30.

I’m not really into the makeup thing, my everyday look is just powder, blush-on, and lipstick, sometimes I’m even skipping the blush-on if I’m running late to the office or if I will just run some errands in our place. I don’t even know how to use eyebrow pencil and eye shadows.

So what’s in my everyday makeup bag?


  1. ‘I Dared’ Mirror- I got this mirror from a Cream Silk Hair Dare Challenge booth in our campus back in College days. They put a conditioner on one side of our hair and took a picture showing that the part without conditioner is dry and messy. I think me and my friends took the challenge for a chance to be featured in magazines where they will show their best challengers hahaha, and yes, for the freebies like this mirror. 
  2. For Me’s Pretty Sweet Perfume- I don’t have a signature scent, this one is a gift from my cousin. But I have a favorite scent which I will show you later on this post.
  3. Johnson’s Baby Powder- I only use baby powder everyday, though it’s advisable to use Pressed Powder, I still prefer this.
  4. Green Cross’ Total Defense Alcohol- For proper hygiene, ya know.
  5. Paganini Comb- For our crowning glory. Honestly speaking, I only use this every morning, or sometimes in the afternoon if I’m bored.
  6. MAC Lipstick- I love lipsticks. I love having every color so that my lips will match my mood. For this week, I like this MAC matte lipstick. Btw, that’s not original, it’s just a replica that my friend bought as a gift for me.
  7. Maybelline’s Baby Lips (Lip Gloss)- I use lip gloss everyday, for I have dried lips. This Pink Baby Lips is my favorite item inside my makeup bag. It’s a colored gloss, so it’s like wearing lipstick at the same time. Since it’s a gloss, I can easily apply it anytime, and anywhere. I love bringing this especially when there’s an occasion where you can’t go to the bathroom every now and then. I also have the Orange Baby Lips which I used every morning after brushing my teeth. I read from Georgina Wilson that we should first apply lip balm before applying a lipstick so that our lips will be conditioned first, but since I have an extra gloss here, I’m using this one instead of buying a balm. Did I mention that the Baby Lips collection have very sweet scent? It’s like applying candies on your lips 🙂
  8. All for hairs- The hair pins and small hair clamps are all for my bangs since it’s hard to work while having your bangs all over your face. I have them in different sizes because it will depend on my mood on which pins or clamps I’m going to use, haha. While the big clamps and ponytails are for messy hair days.

Meanwhile, I also have my other makeup bag which I don’t bring and use everyday.


  1. Nivea Sunblock– if I will stay out in the sun for long hours
  2. Vitress Hair Polish– I bought this after I had my bleached hair, just in case.
  3. Hair Spray– because I love the curls of after bun hair and my hair gets easily straight if I don’t apply spraynet
  4. LA Girl Pressed Powder– for special occasions only
  5. Ever Belina Liquid Foundation– for special occasions only
  6. Olay Moisturizing Lotion– because my outer lip area tends to get dry during cold season
  7. Mary Kay Concealer- for mornings where I feel like I have dark eye circles
  8. Ever Bilena Advanced Lip & Cheek Stain– this blush-on lasts for a day!
  9. Menow True Lips- it’s my newest lippie, it’s so cheap, for just 250.00php you can have lip liner in 12 colors
  10. Other Lippies– my favorite collection of lippie is Maybelline’s Creamy Matte. It’s not very matte, nor very glossy.
  11. Versace Bright Crystal– this is my favorite scent which I mention awhile ago, my Auntie bought it for me and since it’s very expensive, I seldom use it. I even asked my officemate’s husband to by me an imitation of this one so that I can use it everyday in the office.

So there, that’s it.  ❤


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