TV Shows

Day 7: TV Show you have become addicted to

Day 7 of 30.

If visualizing yourself as one of the character in the story, or if copying their style (the way their speak, their fashion trend), comparing a real life person to the characters in the story or thinking about them every night and day, is an addiction. Then yes, I’m positive, I can even think of 4 shows.

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1. Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

Love. Fashion. Fame. Money. Clique. Scandal.

Everything a College girl wants to have is here.

Here, you can see the good and evil in everyone, yet you’ll still love them. The Love and Hate relationship of Blaire and Serena is something you look forward to in every episode. I can still remember the heartache I had whenever they have a little breakup, I was so affected to the point that I keep on watching those scene again and again, thinking that maybe this is not true, maybe I just didn’t understand what they said, maybe it will not be the same if I watch it again, something like that. Haha!

It was also cool that everyone in my College Girlfriends love the show. So we had that girl time where we would only talk about what happened in Gossip Girl, especially whenever the show is on break for weeks.

It was so heartbreaking when the show was finally ending. I just can’t believe that they will not really have new season. The feeling is like breaking up with your beau. Until now, I keep on browsing Gossip Girl related accounts in Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the likes. Sometimes, I even have Gossip Girl wallpaper in my office desktop. Gahd, I miss the show, I miss them. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

2. Charmed (1998-2006)

The Power of Three will set us free.

It’s the first TV show I got addicted to. I heard about the show from my cousin and since then I’m making it sure that every week I get to watch the latest episode. I even borrowed some of my cousin’s Charmed books and that’s when I started loving books as I also bought some Charmed books for my keeps. I sometimes think that I’m the Phoebe of the story, as she’s my most favorite witch. I even used her picture when I signed up with Friendster.

I was also trying to read their chant / spells cause maybe, just maybe, it’s true and effective, lol. Because of the show, I dreamed of having powers, of being a witch. I even asked my Auntie from Canada, to look for the Book of Shadows, since she can’t find the exact BoS of the show, she just bought other book about Magical and Crafts something. I tried but it’s not effective. Now, I started to miss having powers, lol.

3. Boys Over Flower (2009) & You’re Beautiful (2009)

I got crazy over these shows, as in reallly crazzzy. All I can think is about them. And I wish I am that girl on both shows. Two words: Kilig much! ❤



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