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Day 6: Your Favorite Movie

Day 6 of 30.

There are tons of good movies I have watched. I would like to choose only one, but it feels like my other fave movies will get jealous if I will not mention them here. Haha. So I have came up with my 5 most favorite one.


1. Parent Trap

My cousins and I looove the movie as much as we love each other. Lol! It’s so cute, fresh and young. I can still remember my cousin’s VHS tape which we used to borrow every now and then just because we love to watch it again and again. I also bought VCD of the movie, so that I can have my own copy. We also have memorized most of the lines and the facial expressions of Annie and Hallie. I’ll never get tired of watching and talking about this movie.

2. 13 Going on 30

Two things: a girl’s dream + job in a fashion magazine

I super love the movie. It shows the reality that most of young girls want to fast forward the time, the time where you will free be from your parents, have your own house, hold your own time, do whatever you want to do, be independent in short. Little do they know the cons of where they want to be. The movie shows the sad thing of choosing to be independent and changing your lifestyle just to fit in. It’s just a bonus that the main character works in a fashion magazine, my kind of dream job as well.

3. Harry Potter series

How cool it is to have spent 10 years of your life waiting for the series’ end, oops erasing the ‘end’ part cause I didn’t like the series to end; but rather, waiting for the movie version of the book you have read. It is much cooler that there are billions of people out there who were together with you on the HP journey. Harry Potter is our childhood. One thing that proves that I am a huge fan? I watched the HP 7.1 in the cinema, alone. Whew.
See my other Harry Potter related post here.

4. Mean Girls

Who doesn’t love Mean Girls? Unless you’re a guy, folks or boring person, you surely love the movie as well. I mean c’mon, it’s Mean Girls! Do I still need to explain a thing? So fetch!

5. Midnight in Paris

I have posted my review about the movie before, see link. The vintage and writing thingy, something I’m really interested to. ❤


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