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Day 4: Your Proudest Moment

Day 4 of 30.

To graduate is an achievement but to graduate with flying colors is something.

I am competitive in Academics when I was in Elementary up to Highschool. I graduated Valedictorian in Elementary and Salutatorian in Highschool. I was at the top when it comes to Academics, but I was not even in the top 5 in the Extra Curricular aspect. Since I’m not really into ECA, I tried my best to stay at the top in the Academics aspect. After graduating Highschool, I felt tired being a competitive student. So I told my parents that in College I will still focus on my studies but I will not focus to be on top anymore. So that’s what happened.

I was just a regular student. Chill chill lang.

I have about 1.5 travel hours from our house to my school so there were days when I don’t go to school if it’s raining, or if my only class for the day is scheduled 6:30pm to 8:00pm. I was even extended by a year since I transferred school on the 2nd sem of my 1st year.

When I was on the last year of College, my only subject were Thesis and PE. Haha, yes I left PE behind cause I hate it. Anyway, since I don’t have much load, I have lots of time to focus on our Thesis.

My girlfriends who graduated a year before me were chosen to be the Best Thesis on their class. I was inspired and challenged, so me and my other thesismates focused on one goal, to be the Best Thesis in our batch.

I even have doodle on the first page of my Thesis notebook, “Best Thesis in the making.” When we started the research, it was really hard, specially when our Adviser was so strict and perfectionist. There were papers on which she was not satisfied at all so we need to revise everything. Btw, our Thesis title was “A Content Analysis on the Filipino Culture and Values in selected Nestle Philippines Inc.’s Kasamabuhay Habambuhay Short Film Anthology.” Film. Very interesting topic. So it was a bonus that our group is really interested on the topic.


As we are about to start Thesis 2. Our goal didn’t change, “Best Thesis.” For a year, my 11:11 wish is always two words, “Best Thesis.”

Imagine the joy we felt when we learned that we were included on the list of candidates for Best Thesis. As we were screaming on our heads, the pressure began to sink as we need not to be only candidate but be the Best.

I was still sleeping in my bed when they finally announced the Best Thesis. A classmate called me to tell the good news. I screamed silently, since I was alone in our house, and jump for joy! It felt like all the hardworks were really paid off. Our parents were very proud that eventhough we weren’t able to graduate on time, yes me and my thesismates were all extended by a year haha, we were able to graduate with an award.

So, yes, that I think is my most proudest moment. 🙂


❤ G


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