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Day 3: Your Favorite Childhood Book

Day 3 of 30.



When I read this topic, the first book that came to my mind is “The Little Prince”. Though I didn’t read this during my childhood days, I already love the Harry Potter series before I even learned about the existence of this book; and it is not really a children’s book, still I consider it my favorite childhood book.

It was during Highschool when our English teacher tasked the class to read “The Little Prince.” The story goes like this…

A pilot’s plane crashes in a desert, there he met a little prince who claimed that he lives in a tiny planet/asteroid named B-612. The little prince then told his life story to the pilot. The prince has visited six other asteroids and each asteroid have a single person who stays there. Every person he encountered on that journey is narrow-minded. On the last planet that he visited, the Earth, he have met some creatures like the snake, rose, fox and the pilot. The snake, tricked him saying that he can take him back to his planet. On the other hand, the prince fell in love with the rose and took care of it. While, the fox gave him a life lesson. Lastly, the pilot became his friend. One morning, the prince just suddenly disappeared and the pilot believed that the snake eat the prince.

If you look at the book’s illustrations, it’s really like a children’s book. But believe it or not, it as a children’s book meant to be read by adults. It has lessons about life, nature, love and responsibility. It also tells us that we will encounter different kinds of people, and we will not understand them all, we don’t need to.  The book only have few pages, enough to read it by one day. I’ve read the book three times, and everytime I’m reading it, it feels like I am learning new things about life.

Now I will end this post by this famous quote told by the fox, which I haven’t forgotten since the time I first read the book.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

❤ G


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