Day 2: 20 Facts About You

Day 2 of 30.

1. I’ve been in a Catholic / Dominican school my whole school life.

2. I’m working as an HR Staff in an Electronics company.

3. I’m a Rural girl from the South.

4. I’m a musician wannabe, though I don’t have talents.

5. I’m a frustrated writer.

6. I don’t eat cheese, except the melted cheese in Cheese Hotdog.

7. I tend to be insecure.

8. I’m selfish at times.

9. I cry easily.

10. I laugh easily.

11. I judge people sometimes.

12. I’m a happy girl.

13. I love Algebra.

14. I sleep in my daily, morning, bus ride.

15. Sometimes, I enjoy being alone.

16. I’m good in online stalking.

17. Once in my life, I got too addicted to Kpop and now that I have moved on, I don’t wanna go back anymore. As it is just so addicting.

18. A Bookworm.

19. A Coffee lover.

20. A daydreamer.

And that was harder than I thought. Haha!

❤ G


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