The 30-day Blog Challenge

As I was browsing the Web weeks ago, I saw some bloggers who did Blog Challenge. As I was looking at some samples, I decided to make my own list of 30 topics and will try to do each one of those, everyday. Though I am not sure if I can do it everyday. Nevertheless, I will finish this challenge. 

So my 30 topics (which I randomly got from other bloggers) are as listed:

Day 1: Your blog’s name

Day 2: 20 facts about you

Day 3: Your favorite childhood book

Day 4: Your proudest moment

Day 5: Your 5 favorite songs

Day 6: Your favorite movie

Day 7: TV Show you have become addicted to

Day 8: What’s in your makeup bag

Day 9: What’s in your bag

Day 10: 10 Favorite foods 

Day 11: Who is your favorite Disney character and why

Day 12: What was the first concert you attended

Day 13: Your 5 favorite blogs

Day 14: Five guys whom you f ind attractive

Day 15: 10 Places you’d like to visit

Day 16: A letter to someone. Anyone.

Day 17: Three things you want to say to different people

Day 18: Write a letter to your teenage self

Day 19: Write a letter to your future self

Day 20: Letter to an ex

Day 21: List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how

Day 22: List 10 people, living or dead, you woul invite to dinner

Day 23: Best advice you’ve ever got

Day 24: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Day 25: Write about things that you don’t understand

Day 26: Something you always think “what if…” about

Day 27: What is your favorite quote or a quote that means a lot to you

Day 28: Questions you have about life

Day 29: Your Creative Projects

Day 30: Why do you blog

So there’s my 30-day Blog Challenge. So if you haven’t done anything like this, you can make your own list too. 

❤ G


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