Day 1: Your blog’s name


Day 1 of 30.

I was thinking of a cool way to explain the meaning behind my blog’s name but it’s hard to hide the obvious that they are colors.

BLUE. with. GRAY.

I’ve been loving the color Blue since the day I need to put a “Favorite Color” in Autograph/Slum book. As a kid, my personal view in colors are that: Pink is too girly. Violet is so cliche. Yellow is for star. Orange is for Orange. Red is for Apple. Green and brown are for trees. White is the least I can use in crayons. Black is so dark. And Blue is just way cooler than others.

As I grew older and wiser. Teehee. I see Blue as so peaceful and calm. Look at the sky. See the beautiful bodies of water. Very relaxing to the eyes. However, Blue is also sad.

Bluer than blue. Sadder than sad.

At one point in my life, I keep on having that lonely nights where young adults love to get depressed and keep on thinking that life is f**cking them up every single day.

There, Gray comes. It’s like Gray understands me. Black with a mix of White. Dark with a mix of Light. Sadness with a mix of Happiness.

So I decided to change my blog name to bluewithgray (it was just gciolo before, my name, plain and boring, haha.)

Now that I’ve survived lonely nights and depressing day, I sometimes think to change my blog name to something happy and light, maybe rainbowgirl will do? Or happylife? lol. But then, an office mate told me not to change it anymore as I’ve been keeping that blog name for years. I agreed and decided to just leave it as it is. I still like it anyway.
So, there. 🙂

❤ G


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