Hair Goal: Ombre

It was year 2012 when I saw the trend of ombre hair to many Hollywood celebrities and other fashion Tumblogs. I got fascinated, specially with pink ends. But since I was not yet working that time, I am hesitant because I might fail job interview for having colored hair. Then I saw Cher Lui Pio’s dyed hair on her Tumblr.

Cher Lui Pio’s dyed hair

Since it was just underneath the hair, I decided to have this instead of Ombre. So as soon as I got a job, I decided to spend part of my first salary on my hair.

And then I had Blonde hair underneath. 🙂


The blonde part was bleached. As my hair started to grow then, the bleached part started to get dry and dull. I then told myself not to have my hair bleached anymore.

Last January, I was thinking of what my 2016 hair will be. And again, the Ombre hair seems to haunt me, so I decided to just do it. Since I don’t want my hair to be bleached anymore, I told the lady in the salon not to bleach my hair and just use two different shades of dye.

And BOO. Nothing happens.


It was just weeks ago when I saw Camille Co‘s dip dyed hair.


And once again, I fell in love with the idea of having pink ends hair. So once again, I decided to finally have my hair dye and bleached.

And Tadaaaaaa!


I love the Blonde part because it is not that yellow. It’s Matt Blonde which is kinda blonde, brownish and green in personal. While the other color is the parlorist’s own mix of Fuchsia Pink dye, and was bleached twice to make it lighter. Though the result was not as Pink as I want it to be, but I love it anyway.  ❤

Finally, I achieved my #hairgoal!!! *banana dance*

❤ G


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