Why I don’t travel

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of travelling. In fact, me and my friends have plans of going out of the country, hopefully by  next year. I’ve been to some places also and I like the feeling I get of forgetting your everyday routine and just enjoy the beauty of other place. I also love watching travel shows, reading travel diaries, and browsing thru the albums of my Facebook friends who travels every now and then.

But I don’t travel that much, compare to other people at my age. It’s been like 8 years since I had vacay. That time, I don’t have Instagram yet, neither Facebook I guess. I only have Friendster and Multiply. So no post to flaunt to all of your friends that, “Hey I’m on vacation!”, “Wanderlust”, “Travel. Travel. Travel.”

Since summer is soon to be over and many of my friends have been to different places for vacation, I came up with a list of why people do travel and my contradicting explanation why it does not apply to me.

  1. Work Hard. Travel More.

That’s it. Work. Being employed in an Electronics company, with a Korean boss, makes it impossible to easily avail our Vacation Leave. You will need lots and  lots of courage and strength before you can bring your VL paper to the boss. Not to mention that we are only two in our department during dayshift, so your assurance that he will allow you to go on vacation is 50-50.

  1. Save and tavel.

Before I started working, I have promised myself that I need to reach my savings goal first before spending too much on ‘wants’. However, after reaching that goal, I still don’t want to spend that much. I’m not that rich kid, so I need to think twice, or even thrice, before I splurge my money to anything.

  1. Relationship goals.

Travelling to different places with your beau is one of the sweetest and coolest things to do. But being born with strict parents makes this impossible. If you’re a Filipino, you’ll understand. Haha. ‘nuff said.

  1. Go on adventure!

My personality is not as cool as other youngsters out there. I’m a home buddy person since I was a student, my idea of hanging out is go to the mall with friends, watch movie, have coffee, blah blah. I’m not the adventurous type / I hate sports, though I’m open to experiences. I can join friends who will go on adventure but expect that I will be the slowest and the most maarte one. Haha.

  1. To find yourself.

Yuppies like to do this. But as for me, I can find/create myself everywhere. I have my own means, like thru writing blogs, keeping a journal, reading open letters for someone like me, and the likes.

  1. YOLO.

I don’t feel the need to travel just to live my life. Having great family and friends, what more can I ask for?  🙂

❤ G


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