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Taal at third.

It’s our third anniversary last April 11 and we decided to celebrate it a day before, at the Heritage Town in Batangas, Taal.

I first heard about the place from my officemate, Regine, who went to Taal church for the Visita Iglesia last Lenten season. I saw her pictures and since I’m a fan of vintage thingy, I got fascinated. She even mentioned to me about the cute coffee shop in the area, Cafe G. When I saw the cafe photos in other blogs, I got more interested to visit the place. Not to mention that this will be our first time, that only the two of us, will have a date outside San Pablo / Calamba. So, imagine how excited I am. :p

We left San Pablo at around 6:30 in the morning to catch up for the morning mass. Jeep, bus, bus, another bus, tricycle, and we arrived at Taal church at 9:30am. That time, there were already a lot of people. There were also a wedding/s to happen, yes, two sets of couple. We first went to the church’s museum, since it’s an old house, I really appreciate every details of it.IMG_5784



After that, we went into the bell tower. There is a 50php entrance fee, as the ticket says, it’s for the maintenance of the place. Upstairs, just a few steps before the entrance of the tower, you can see the whole church. It is really big and the ceiling have nice paintings. Upon entering the first door going to the tower, I got scared because it’s dark and we cannot find the next entrance. Then at the second entrance, it is a very narrow staircase. As in, narrow.

The entrance before the entrance

When we are halfway through, we got interrupted by the people going down so we went back few steps and gave way to them. At the peak, you can see the whole Taal. It is very cool just by looking at the old houses around the area and the sea surrounding it. However, since it’s summer, it is very very very hot.




It’s already the gospel part of the mass when we went down. Just before the proper wedding ceremony, we already went out to lit up candles for our family.

We walk around the plaza just to see each streets. It is indeed the Vigan of the South.

Upon arriving at Cafe G, which is just across the church, I felt really happy and light seeing the cute pastel things inside the cafe.







We ordered Green Apple Lemon Iced Tea and Kiwi Italian Soda for our drinks; and Grilled Country Ribs and Chicken Fillet something  (see photos below; from L – R) for our main course.

The presentation is good, so is the taste. However, I didn’t like their menu style, it’s just a list of all the things to order without any description on what is this and what is that. Like, I ordered the Country Ribs, and when it arrived it’s just like Liempo for breakfast. Even the rice is just plain rice, unlike Alvin’s java rice. If only there is a description on their menu, I should have ordered something that I really like.

When it comes to the dessert, we ordered Mug Cake in Reese’s and Nutella flavors. The waitress told us that she will ask first if it’s available. And she didn’t come back anymore, though I understood that it is available, still I’m expecting for the waitress to inform us that it is available. We’re paying a 5% service charge, she should be polite enough to inform us, she’s not even smiling, a big no no. It took us around 5-10 mins before the Mug Cakes were served and it didn’t meet my expectations. The mug cake is just “puto”, with Reese’s and Nutella spread at the top, middle and bottom part. I didn’t like it at all.

Overall, with the cuteness of the place, good taste of food, I’m recommending Cafe G to everyone.

After our lunch, we headed to the public market to buy Longganisa and Tapa. I was supposed to take a photo of the stalls but when they saw us, everyone is calling our attention to go and buy at their stall. I got awkward and just bought to the closest stall that we are. haha.


It is indeed a very hot day but since it’s our day, we just go on with the flow.


❤ G


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