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When in Arabela.

For someone who loves eating out and trying on different cafe and resto, Arabela is one place you need to include in your bucket list. It is located in Liliw, Laguna.


I first heard about the place from my tito who also likes eating out. Right then, I planned of eating there if I have time. (it sounded like I’m one heck of a busy girl haha! ) I also saw some of my Friends posting photos from the cafe. It was even featured in GMA News TV’s Ang Pinaka: Top 10 places to eat in Laguna and I think on other GMA program as well. They also have that famous TripAdvisor sticker, which means that this is really something you need to try on.

Since I just had my birthday last Thursday, I told the ‘rents if we can just celebrate it today at Liliw; since it’s not that far from our place, it’s a no big deal.

So we started our day by attending the first mass early in the morning, it’s Palm Sunday btw. We left at around  9:30 AM. We arrived at the cafe at 10:45 AM. Cafe opens at 11:15 AM so we waited outside together with other customers, some customers are from our city as well and just like us, they drove for an hour just to experience the touch of Arabela.  The cafe is only one floor, below a residential place.


As the cafe opens, it was immediately filled. They have like tables that can accomodate 10 to 15 small groups. Their spaces in between tables is not big, as in really small. So if you want some privacy, you cannot get it here. They have low ceiling which makes them different from other cafe. It’s actually my favorite thing about the place. 

Daddy’s height is I think 5’8″ something

Each table have complete set of condiments and service water is the one with lemon, orange and mint leaves.
It took us less than 20 mins to  have our lunch served.  The price is affordable since it’s also similar to other cafe.

Ceasar Salad, 220php


Mojos, 75php


Spaghettini, 250php


Fussi, 220php


Pink Salmon, 250php


T-bone, 290php


Watermelon shake, 130php


Mocha Float, 130php
Milky Way frappe, 120 php

At first, the Milky Way that I ordered was disappointing because in the menu, it’s kinda browny which makes me thinks that it’s Chocolate/Mocha + Milk type. When the frappe was served, it is pure white. But then, when I mixed the cream, after a minute or two, it became like this:


and yes, I think this is what I saw in the menu. Haha!

For the taste, I ordered the Spaghettini, oil based with tomatoes, black olives, capers, and garlic. It tastes like the usual oil based pasta, I liked it, as always.My mom also liked her pasta and dad & boyfie enjoyed their rice meal as well.

The only thing that I didn’t like is the kitchenware, yes it is presentable for a fine dine-in restaurant but since the tables are not that big, it consumes a lot of space.

Overall, our Arabela experience is  very good. I’ll definitely go back but only if I wanted to go to Liliw to shop for footwear. It’s not like, if I’m going to crave for Pasta, I’ll go there, no; because the taste is similar to near cafes in our city.

If you haven’t try the place, I am recommending it to you. You can enjoy the ambiance of the cafe, the affordable foods and since it’s in Liliw, you can shop for footwear after eating. 🙂 ❤ G





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