Room Re-org.

Cleaning my room and re-organizing stuff is definitely my favorite household chore. I always make sure that I’m cleaning all my stuff every once in awhile. As one of my first task for the year, finally after weeks of partial organizing, I’m done cleaning my room.

I have opened some drawers that I don’t usually clean because it has old stuff that I really don’t want to throw away though I can’t use them anymore, talking about sentimental clutterBut I read or watched somewhere that it’s good to let go of old stuff to make room for new memories ; and that memories aren’t in physical objects. So I let go of some things, childhood toys, old make-ups, clothes that doesn’t fit me anymore (this hurts a lot haha!), old souvenirs from different parties, old pirated CDs, bla bla bla.

Anyway, so I wanna share with you my cleaner room. 🙂




Yes, I’m keeping clothes by color and style 🙂


And these chocolate boxes? No, they are not chocolates.




If I were to choose my favorite part in the room, it will be definitely my Bookshelf 🙂 I can still remember the day when Daddy unexpectedly told me he’s going to buy me one, such a happy kid! ❤ 


Second favorite will be the Paris part, because I believe that someday I will be get kissed under the Eiffel Tower. lols.



And that’s it! So excited to sleep on my newly cleaned room. Teehee! ❤ G


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