Life · Relationship

I don’t want.

One thing I hate the most is forcing me to do the things I don’t want to do. If I don’t want to do it, I will not do it. If I dont’t like eating cheese, I will not eat. If I don’t like going to the beach, I will not go. If I don’t like riding a motorcycle, I will not ride. I’m that person.
Don’t ever force me to do things I don’t want, even if you’re joking or have reasons, don’t force me. If I said no, it means no.

If you’re special to me, you know what I don’t want, so stop forcing me to such things. I have lots of pride in me, I’m not saying that I’m proud of it, but that’s true. 

Everybody has an attitude, and that’s mine. Accept me for who I am and for what I don’t like.


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