Fashion in 1,500.

Like most of the girls out there, I looove clothes. I love buying clothes to the point that I need to give away some old pieces to make room for new ones so that it will fit my closet. I also give extra care to all my clothes that I’m making it sure that I will not repeat tops in a month so that it will not be worn out easily and just because. 😉

My love for clothes was inspired by American TV shows like Gossip Girl, Jane by Design, and the likes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always dressed up. Most of the time, I’m just in a shirt-pants mode, one reason is that I can’t be too dressed in our company (or else, people will stare and make fun of me, haha, srsly.)

I shop clothes everywhere. From department stores, online shops, branded clothes, bargain shops, and ukay-ukay.

Finding cool clothes is a win, but finding cool clothes in cheap prices is a win-win!

Last Sunday, we went to Baclaran to shop for items to be sell in our RTW store. So, I took the opportunity to shop for my personal stuff. With less than 1500php, I was able to buy many pieces. Tops, dress, pambahay shorts, pajama, and shirts and shorts for boyfie.

Now I’m such a happy kiddo! More clothes, more fun!! ❤ G


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